Fire and Ice

The fiery pit to Earth’s very core at Holuhraun in Bardarbunga, just north of Vatnajokull glacier. Iceland sits on top of two tectonic plates and has 30 active volcanic systems running throughout the island. The last big volcanic eruption occurred between August 2014 and March 2015, at this very site. Want to see this for yourself? Join me on my next photo tour. More info at

Les piscines de Badamier

At low tide, the reef of Mayotte is almost entirely discovered. This phenomenon is due to the 4 meters of tidal range that rhythms the tides of Mayotte. Here we can see an anemone and its clown fish almost out of the water.

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A marée basse, le récif de Mayotte se découvre presque entièrement. Ce phénomène est due au 4 metres de marnage qui rythme les marées de Mayotte. Ici, nous pouvons voir une anémone et ses poissons clowns presque hors de l’eau.